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“Chimpanzee” captivates audiences of all ages

By Kevin Moreno

Published: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Disneynature, with the help of the Jane Goodall Institute, released the documentary Chimpanzee on April 20.

Despite being a nature documentary, the film features a story of a young chimp named Oscar and his every day interactions with his mother and environment. Oscar, like a young child, must learn from his mother and friends on how to navigate and survive in the harsh rainforest of West Africa.

In order to give a voice to the story and Oscar, the film uses the narration of comedian Tim Allen. Early in the film, we are introduced to Oscars mother Isha, alpha male Freddy, and the other members of Oscars group. The film also explores the harsh rivalry between Oscars group and another group of chimps led by alpha male Scar.

Both groups are fighting to control the scarce supply of fruit and fruit trees that cross between the chimps fictional borders. When food supply is low Oscars groups ventures into Scar's side of the forest for some food but is confronted by Scars group and chased out. During a heavy thunderstorm, Scars group decides to ambush Oscars group, but the plan soon backfires due to Freddy strong leadership.

In the mess of the confrontation and incoming thunderstorm, Oscars mother Isha is separated from the group and confronted by a leopard. With Isha gone, the film now focuses on the difficult, but emotional bond between Oscar and Freddy, who adopts Oscar as his own child . The film does a great job in showing a human like story of family and friendship.

Everyone from any age group will surely enjoy this touching film, especially children.


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